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If you’re considering working with M&J development on the sale, lease, or purchase of a property hesitate no further.  Mike and Jean are very experienced, knowledgable, professional, and above all VERY trustworthy.  They have a fantastic business helping buyers, renters, and sellers who need a little more TLC than is available through the traditional process. The deals that Mike is able to put together are truly win, win for both parties involved.  I would not hesitate for a second in recommending M&J development. 

Regards,     1/26/14
Brian Miller
Falls Church, VA

I want to take this opportuntiy to thank you and tell you that we 
were truly blessed. You understood our situation and treated us fair.
If anyone asks if I know anyone that is good and willing to work
with you, I will piont them in your direction.
Again thank you for everything.
The Cherry Family
Aurora, CO

Kirsty L.
Denver, CO

Martin called me on Tuesday, looked at two homes and fell in love with the Knox Court 2 bedroom home. "Wow only $895/ month? and $2000 down? and you will help me with my credit?" By Saturday Morning at 10am he had the keys to his new home! " I can't wait to build a garage and a fence" He said.
Martin Rodriguez
Denver, CO

Ryan looked at this home one day. Applied and put down a deposit the next. Was approved, paid the rest of the option fee, signed the option &lease papers and got the keys to his new home.... "all in 3 Days"
Ryan Watson
Centennial, CO

"Mike, both you and Jean exceeded my expectations throughout the whole process. Both of my properties presented unique challenges that you were able find solutions for and close on the deals. Thanks again for your hard work, professionalism, and delivering on your promises. You're offering a unique and much needed service". Yes - please keep in touch with e-mail updates.
Brian Miller
Falls Church, VA

We had a home we wanted to sell quickly so I called Mike at M & J Development. He gave us several options and made us a very reasonable offer. The whole process went smoothly and everything went exactly as Mike had explained. We are very happy with Mike's efforts.
Jim Fawcett
Lakewood, CO

Kirsty, I am so pleased to have helped Geraldine and Bernard with their home at 4204 Andes St. If it were not for "YOU" we could not have helped them sell their home.. As part of our “Rewards Program we are sending you $450.00. Thank-you for referring them to us as someone that needs to “Sell their House” or needs to “Buy a Home”.
Kirsty Lovell
Denver, CO

Danielle [The Happy Wholesale Buyer]
Colo. Springs, CO

Mike. Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know, how pleased I am with the win, win, deal you were able to create for us. My property on Depew Street, I had listed with an agent for exactly one year, and received very little response. Within 2 weeks your company, M&J Development brought me an offer that was truly a win win situation for all parties involved. From my stand point as the seller, I netted considerably more for my property in a difficult market & in an amazingly short period of time!! Thanks to you and your associates, I could not be more pleased with the deal!!! Sincerely JAKE RENALS
Jake Renals
Golden, CO

Mike, I appreciated your professionalism and cooperation in the sale of my listing in Aurora. With your estimates of repairs, and after unsuccessfully trying to sell it as a "fix-up" property to the general public, my clients realized that it needed more work than they originally thought. Once we agreed on a price, the transaction went very quickly and smoothly. After you completed your repairs, I took some photos to show to my clients. They were very happy they sold the property and were very pleased with the repairs you made to their former home. I think they were glad to see it could once again be a home a family could safely raise their kids in. Thank you for all. I look forward to working with you again. Rudy Antle Antle Properties / Metro Brokers 6025 S. Quebec St. #100 Centennial, CO 80111 Mobile: 303-548-6353 Voice Mail Pager: 303-930-2203 Home Office: 303-284-3609 Fax: 303-840-8970 rudyantle@msn.com or rudy@antleproperties.com
Rudy Antle, Antle Properties / Metro Brokers
Centennial, CO

Mike, I am so glad I met you - I appreciate everything you have done to help me out with this house - I will also refer anyone looking - and send them your way. Wish you the best.
Lorise R.
Aurora, CO

My husband and I had been turned down by every bank out there. We thought we would be throwing our money away on rent forever!! Rent to Buy was an option no one had told us about and we are so glad we found out about it. It's changed our dreams from maybe to absolutely!! Thanks Mike!!
Kelly and Phillip G.
Aurora, CO

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